Project Facilitation

If your company or organization is planning to start a new business project towards the Russian or Norwegian markets, here are several issues which requires your consideration:

  1. Scope of work and project plan;
  2. Funding;
  3. A partner structure and a challenge to find reliable partners either in the Russian or the Norwegian market;
  4. How to implement a project and need of support from representatives with experience of running project in challenging markets;
  5. Finding a right project management and project co-workers.



The NRCC can assist you at these processes and take a role as a supplier for your project development.

Please contact our Senior Project Manager Rune Methi

Tel.: +47 21 01 57 55, mobile: + 47 91 84 07 12, + 7 906 719 9790,

e-mail: rune.methi(at) or 

Matchmaking Program B2B Senior Project Manager Hans-Olav Rekdal 

Tel.: +47 21 01 57 54; mobile: +47 95 14 82 92,

e-mail: hans.rekdal(at)


The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. More...


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