Doing Business in Russia

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Doing business in Russia is challenging. Before entering the Russian market you need to focus on strategy and planning before going into full business agenda. 

Paid services

Norwegian-Russian Match Making Program Business to Business

In 2013 the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce launched the Norwegian-Russian Match Making Program for Norwegian and Russian companies.

What is MMP?

The Matchmaking Program for Norwegian and Russian companies (small and medium-sized enterprises) shall seek to establish direct business links and cooperation between participating companies. Such cooperation may include, but is not limited to, investment projects, joint ventures, trade operations, hereunder import and export, etc.

The Matchmaking Program is implemented by the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) with the financial support provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway and participating Norwegian and Russian companies.

How does MMP work?

Phase 1. Applicant (with assistance from MMP Coordinators) submits a company profile to the NRCC. Phase 2. The company profile is sent to the Program’s National Contact Points. Search for matching companies is started. Phase 3. Applicant receives a feedback with profiles. After evaluation, the applicant is to select one potential partner. Phase 4. MMP advisers with competence in Russian business, culture and language execute a pre-feasibility study and prepare a market visit for the applicant. Phase 5. Applicant visits the selected company/-ies (at own cost) accompanied by an MMP adviser. The goal is to establish cooperation formalized by a Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties.

Norwegian-Russian Match-Making Program B2B

If you have any questions, please contact the MMP Program Manager Hans-Olav Rekdal. 

Tel. +47 21 01 57 54; Mobile: +47 95 14 82 92. E-mail: hans.rekdal(at)

Other paid services

• Translations both ways. Interpretations

• Office and meeting support during stay in Moscow

• Coordination & supervision of production of market reports on behalf of member clients

• Visa support

• Introduction of Norwegian business delegations

• Cross–cultural programs

• Organization of special thematic seminars

• Transfers

Coordination of services rendered from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Russian Federation & Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Examination & appraisal of property • CARNET ATA • Authorization of Certificates of Origin for goods and other foreign trade documents • Authorization of circumstances beyond reasonable control (Force Majeur) • Registers of the CCI expert systems • Courts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry





Doing Business in Norway

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In recent years, several Russian companies have established business representations in Norway as f instance Lukoil and Rosneft. Both are members of the NRCC.

When a company has made a decision to enter the Norwegian market, there are a variety of options for penetrating the Norwegian market in broader scale. Options vary with cost, risk and the degree of control which can be exercised. The simplest form of entry strategy is normally a direct or indirect method such as an agent or distributor. More complex forms include truly global operations which may involve Licensing, Joint ventures or Ownership. The NRCC Norwegian-Russian Match Making Program, Business to Business - give Russian companies an excellent opportunity to establish direct business links. Such cooperation may include, but is not limited to, investment projects, joint ventures, trade operations, hereunder import and export.

NRCC Oslo provides the following paid marketing services:

· Matchmaking Program - Search for Business Partners
· Market Entry Strategies and Implementation
· Project Facilitation
Please find down below links to English-language websites containing useful information about "Doing business in Norway".


Norway ABC

All basic information about Norway Go to this website to get all the basics about the country: culture, administration, insurance, pension, family etc.


Directorate of Immigration. Official site of immigration authorities (UDI) with a comprehensive overview of all rules and laws as for visa, residence permits, work permits etc.

Business aspects

How to start and run an enterprise in Norway. Basic information on enterprise forms, registration, requirements, reporting. A perfect starting point for the beginners.

Enterprise Register Bronnoysundregistrene are keeping official records of all companies registered in Norway, giving information about their name, location, establishment date, organization form, administration (free of charge). For a fee, you can also get company's financial reports etc.

Norwegian legislation in English The project of the University of Oslo gives you translation of hundreds of Norwegian laws.Check here first if you are looking for a specific law.

Taxation and taxes Official site of Norwegian tax service, with all information you may need as for taxation of enterprises and individuals.

Labour and welfare Visit the website of the Ministry of Labour to read about latest developments and changes in wages, rules of leave, sick leave etc.






Information about Norway is the gateway to the public sector in Norway.

On the Official Norwegian Trade Portal you will find companies, products and services or enter Industry Sectors for branch listings. also contains articles, daily updated news and trade board for submitting trade requests.

See also "Market Support" for more information about doing business in Norway

Information Services

Members of the NRCC receive regular information about changes within Russian and Norwegian Markets, about relevant economic and industrial events in Russia and Norway and arrangements taking place within the Chamber, such as information about networking meetings, courses, seminars etc. Most of the information is being forwarded to the members by mail.

Due to the close contact with both Norwegian and Russian authorities the NRCC provides updated information to the members about results, agreements, programs and protocols from official Norwegian-Russian activities such as governmental bilateral commissions, sessions of the Norwegian-Russian Working Group for Interregional and Cross-Border Cooperation of the Norwegian-Russian Intergovernmental Commission on Economic, Industrial and Scientific-Technical cooperation, meetings of the Norwegian-Russian Working Group on Shipbuilding, Tourism and Information Technologies and Innovations etc.

We invite all members and organizations to share news on the Norwegian-Russian projects with us by sending a mail to the NRCC at



The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. More...


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