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B2B Business Development Program
Identifying and developing business opportunities
Norway & Russia 2017-2020

The following program helps to establish new leads and market opportunities in Norway or the Russian North region. Norwegian and Russian industries frequently request assistance in identifying matching business partners, new clients, investor or sales agents. The program includes a partner search is time-consuming in general and in foreign markets even more challenging.

NRCC can shortcut your partner search efforts in the Russian and Norwegian markets.

The new round of the B2B program was started from 25.10.2017 by signing the Program Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

Today the B2B Development Program offers the following:

      - A comprehensive business partner search in Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Naryan Mar and in Norway;

      - Hans-Olav Rekdal, NRCC Senior Project Manager, has 20 years of experience from and within the Russian market.  Hans-Olav Rekdal has been responsible for the NRCC B2B Development Program for the last several years;

      - Rekdal carrying out regular visits to above-mentioned regions, travel back and forth between those regions and the NRCC head office every two weeks;

      - Norwegian and Russian business enterprises, organizations, universities and institutes with activity in the above-mentioned Russian regions and in Norway are eligible to take part in the B2B Development Program 2017-2020;

      - The B2B Development Program is open for all business sectors;

      - Program participants will receive company profiles of possible matching partners and business advices.

How to participate:

   Please contact NRCC Senior Project Manager Hans-Olav Rekdal for establishing an overall framework for collaboration. Participants can discuss assessments of business ideas and plans with the NRCC Senior Project Manager and get support regarding identification and partner search.

For more information, please contact NRCC Senior Project Manager Hans-Olav Rekdal

   Mobile: + 47 95 14 82 92 (Norway), + 7 921 511 07 30 (Russia)
   Tel: + 47-21 01 57 54
   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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