Odd Gunnar Skagestad's new book "From Lenin to Putin"

Odd Gunnar Skagestad


"Fra Lenin til Putin" (subtitle "Russland 1917-2017: Hundre år som rystet verden") - ("From Lenin to Putin" - subtitle "Russia 1917-2017: Hundred Years that shook the World" - In Norwegian only)
Will be in sale from 8 October 2017 (publisher Frekk forlag). 
Hardcover, 176 (+) pages, price (from the publisher or in bookstores) NOK 329,- .
Special Discount Offer: NOK 269,- when ordering the book before 1 October by email to the publisher post(at)frekkforlag.no. The order should be marked "Tilbud fra Skagestad" ("Offer from Skagestad"), and the publisher will send the book with the invoice.
About the author:
Mr Odd Gunnar Skagestad – the author – is a NRCC member. He is a retired diplomat from the Norwegian Foreign Service. He has lived a total of 7 years in the former Soviet Union and today's Russia in various capacities, i.a. as the Norwegian Consul General to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, and as the Head (ambassador) of the OSCE Assistance Group to Chechnya.
The book does not purport to be a historical dissertation or a scientific political analysis. If, however the reader would like to read it as such, the author modestly suggests that the book may offer useful perspectives also in that respect.



NRCC wishes a great summer holiday!

new members


Dear all,

NRCC would like to welcome 23 new NRCC members so far in 2017!

Also, please save the date for the first NRCC Networking Event in Oslo after summer holidays, which will be held on 29 August in the facilities of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.

Please note that our office will be closed for summer holidays in July.

NRCC administration wishes you a great summer holiday!



Finland's Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council 2017-2019


Please find Finland's Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council 2017-2019 "Exploring Common Solutions". 

Finland builds the 2017–2019 Chairmanship of the Arctic Council on strong Arctic traditions and expertise. International Arctic cooperation at the governmental level started at the first-ever Arctic ministerial meeting in Rovaniemi, in 1991.

Finland strives to increase the cooperation between the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council to support the goal of facilitating business-to-business activities and responsible economic development. Common areas of interest include capacity building, risk management, connectivity, cold-climate technologies and services, maritime transport, energy, bioeconomy, tourism, housing and mining.

The Finland's Chairmanship Program for the Arctic Council covers Finland's priorities such as environmental protection, connectivity, meteorological and oceanographic cooperation, and education. Also, it has been discussed areas of work of the Arctic Council such as environment and climate, the seas, the people and strengthening arctic cooperation.  

Please download the full version ot the Finland's Chairmanship Program here



NRCC Annual report 2016, the NRCC Annual Accountancy report and the Auditor’s report for 2016

NRCC reportDear members and partners of NRCC,

Enclosed please find the NRCC Annual report 2016, the NRCC Annual Accountancy report and the Auditor’s report for 2016.

We thank you all for active participation during 2016 in a challenging period in our bilateral economic relations.

Keep yourself updated after summer holidays about program content!

We wish you all a relaxing summer holiday, and are looking forward to seeing you soon again!

Please download here the NRCC Annual report 2015, the NRCC Annual accountancy report and the auditor’s report for 2015 in PDF format.

NRCC administration.

Russia Macro Monthly report for May 2017: Will sanctions threat damage the recovery?

Please find Russia Macro Monthly report for June 2017, prepared by Chris Weafer, Senior Partner at Macro-Advisory Ltd from Moscow. Short summary of the report:


Congress pushes ahead with sanctions threat. The big elephant in the room, when it comes to longer-term growth in the economy is the threat of additional US sanctions. Now that the Senate has voted for tougher sanctions, attention will shift to the House of Representatives and then whether President Trump is willing or able to block a sanctions extension. If a tougher sanctions regime is adopted by the US, the EU is not expected to follow but Russia will almost certainly retaliate in some way.

Economic recovery on track. Q1 GDP growth was 0.5% which, according to the Economy Minister, was really 1.0% adjusted for the calendar effect. The IMF upped its forecast to 1.4% while the Economy Minister is hoping for 2%. Business sentiment indicators remain strong, and 1Q investment growth of 2.8% suggests hopes for a more robust recovery are justified.

Budget increase. As expected, and despite repeated denials from the Finance Ministry, the government plans to spend some of the additional oil tax revenue this year. It is election year after all.

Nabiullina points to more rate cuts. The CBR Chairwoman said that she expected rates to settle at around 6.5% when inflation was stable at 4%. Rates are currently 9.25% and inflation is 4%. The CBR is expected to cut by 25-50 bps at its mid-June meeting.

Ruble may soon weaken. There is a clear divergence between the CBR and government ministers over where the ruble should trade. But the recent period of strength may now be ending as oil weakens, the risk of further sanctions increases and the CBR cuts rates.


NRCC Annual Meeting and Summer Event on 13 June 2017

NRCC Annual Meeting took place on 13 June 2017 at Oslo Congress Centre. About 70 participants took part in the meeting. 

Mrs. Liv Monica Stubholt, the Chair of the Board of Directors of NRCC, opened the meeting and welcomed the participants. 

 DSC 0038

Mrs. Liv Monica Stubholt, the Chair of the Board of Directors of NRCC

Mr. Dmitry Bystrov, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, also welcomed the participants of the Annual Meeting 2017.

 DSC 0060

Mr. Dmitry Bystrov, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Mr. Jarle Forbord, the Managing Director of NRCC, presented Auditor's and Annual Reports to the audience. 

DSC 0070

Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director of NRCC 

Interactive Maritime Workshop on 31 May 2017

On 31 May 2017, Interactive Maritime Workshop was organized by Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The workshop took place in the facilities of Trade Representation of the Russian Federation. About 20 maritime companies took part in the meeting. 

Mr. Alexander Anikin, the Russian Federation’s Trade Representative to the Kingdom of Norway, together with Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director of the NRCC, opened the meeting by welcoming all the participants.


Mr. Alexander Anikin, the Russian Federation’s Trade Representative to the Kingdom of Norway


Mr. Jarle Forbord, Managing Director of Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce


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