NRCC Networking Meeting in Murmansk, 13 March 2018

On March 13, Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce had a pleasure to invite their members and invited guests to the first NRCC event in Murmansk in 2018. More than 80 participants took part in the meeting.

Mr Roy Angelvik, State Secretary of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries of Norway, opened the session by welcoming all the participants.

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From left to right: Anatoly Glushkov, Elena Tikhonova, Roy Angelvik, Erik Svedahl and Jarle Forbord

Optimar has obtained results on the Russian market 

According to the Sunnmorsposten article from February 22, prepared by Mr Per Ove Stige, Sunnmorsposten correspondent, Optimar has signed contracts with various Russian customers worth over half a billion Norwegian kroner. Please read the full version of the article here (in Norwegian).












Picture: Ståle Wattø

The Krasnoyarsk Business Forum 2018

Dear NRCC members, please find below an invitation to the Krasnoyarsk Business Forum 2018. 

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Krasnoyarsk Business Forum 2018 will take place on 12-14 April in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The Forum is a well-establised annual event in the south Siberia and attracts representatives of the Russian government, members of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, functionaries of federal and regional authorities, delegates from development instuties, state-owned corporations and leading Russian and international business circles.

The key topics of the forum will be aimed at commercial implementation of Russia's competitive advantages through cooperation with foreign partners.

Please visit for more information. 

NRCC Networking Meeting in Oslo - 30 January 2018

On January 30, Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) had a pleasure to invite their members to the first NRCC event in 2018 – NRCC Networking Meeting in Oslo. The meeting took place at the NHO facilities.


Mr Tore Myhre, Derictor of International Department at NHO, opened meeting by welcoming all the participants.

Then Mr Alexey Vedev from Institute of Applied Economic Research, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) and former Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (2014-2017) held a presentation about Russian economy and economic reforms in 2018. 

Changes among the Norwegian state secretaries 2018 (Source:

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On January 17, in extraordinary session of the Council of State, the King has made changes in the list of state secretaries. The Government represents the Conservative Party (C), the Progress Party (PrP) and the Liberal Party (L).

The new Norwegian government has made clear commitment to the seafood industry (Source: Norwegian Seafood Federation)

Skjermbilde 2018 01 14 kl. 21.36.15 1000x500 According to Mr Geir Ove Ystmark, Managing Director of Norwegian Seafood Federation, the new Norwegian government has made clear commitment to the seafood industry.

 In the article he has mentioned an importance of focusing on other industries in Norway than petroleum industry. 

 Please read the original version of the article here.

 Mr Geir Ove Ystmark, Managing Director of Norwegian Seafood Federation

Picture: Norwegian Seafood Council

Seafood exports worth record-high NOK 94.5 billion in 2017 (Source: Norwegian Seafood Council)

f6lsgcof1gsaafcarnbq mainimageAccording to Norwegian Seafood Council, Norway exported 2.6 million tonnes of seafood worth NOK 94.5 billion in 2017. This is an increase in value of 3 per cent, or NOK 3 billion,  and an increase in volume of 7 per cent from the record year of 2016. This is the equivalent of 36 million meals every day, year round.

 Please read the original version of the article here.

 Picture: Norwegian Seafood Council


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