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NRCC President Liv Monica Stubholt commenting on the Norwegian restrictive measures against Russia (Dagsrevyen, NRK, 20.12.2014)

NRCC President Liv Monica Stubholt, gave a comment to the Norwegian daily news program Dagsrevyen on the effect of the Norwegian restrictive measures against Russia regarding oil and gas industry. The comment was given in connection with the visit to Norway by Mr Arthur Chilingarov, a special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on international cooperation in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Watch video (in Norwegian only) 

IV Norwegian-Russian Business Forum - 10-11 December 2014, Moscow

IMG 5810Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI RF) organized the IV Norwegian-Russian Business Forum (IV NRBF) in Moscow on the 10th and 11th of December 2014 at the Hotel Metropol.

Norway and Russia have within various disciplines a close relationship in the cross-border area of Norway and Russia, especially within bilateral business activity. During the last decade, the cooperation has doubled. The member organisation, NRCC, works daily to networking initiatives that contribute to increased interaction in the business sector between Norway and Russia. A central meeting place for the industry in this work is the Norwegian-Russian Business Forum (NRBF) that is being held biannually in Oslo and Moscow. NRBF is organised in close cooperation with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, and was organised last time in Oslo 2012.

In anticipation of the IV NRBF, President of the CCI RF Sergey Katyrin met with President of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce Liv Monica Stubholt. Vice President CCI RF Alexander Rybakov, Vice President CCI RF Georgi Petrov, Managing Director of the NRCC Jarle Forbord, Head of the NRCC in Russia Vladimir Bagreev, Trade representative of RF in Norway Tamara Chernysheva and Regional Director in International Cooperation Department of CCI RF Dmitry Bystrov also attended the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the state and prospects of further cooperation between CCI of Russia and NRCC, the general climate of Russian-Norwegian trade and economic cooperation.

Russian Economic Developments - №11

11 2014eng-cover

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №11, 2014. In this issue: Political and economic results of October 2014 - Inflation and monetary policy in September 2014 - Financial markets in October 2014 - Russia's real sector of the economy in September 2014: factors and trends - The Russian industry in September 2014 - The state budget in January-September 2014 - Russian banks within the first three Quarters of 2014 - Mortgage in the Russian Federation in January-August 2014 - The foreign trade in August 2014 - The consequences of the imposition of restrictions on pork imports in 2014 and the import substitution prospects for Russia's domestic pig farming sector- The impact of politically motivated trade sanctions on Russia's foreign trade sector - Forthcoming changes in Russia's strategic planning system - The difference in the behaviour of domestic and foreign private investors in the Russian stock market - Migration processes in the H1 of 2014 - A review of Russia's taxation regulatory documents adopted in the period of September-October 2014 - Review of economic legislation in October 2014 - Decomposition of Russia's GDP growth in 1999-2014.

Download Russian Economic Developments - №11



Vladimir Putin calls Russia-Norway relations promising

VGTV talked to the Russain president Vladimir Putin after the closing ceremony of the World Chess Championship in Sochi, where Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen won. The President stated that a lot has already been done in developing the relations between Norway and Russia. “When Stoltenberg was Prime Minister we solved some of our problems concerning resources in northern waters. We have very good prospects when it comes to trade and development of our relations,” Putin said. “I hope that what we have achieved will not be lost, but that we will continue forward,” he added. æ

Read the full article and watch the news clip here (in Norwegian and Russian).





Russian Economic Developments - №10

10 2014-cover eng

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №10, 2014. In this issue: Political and economic results of September 2014 - Inflation and monetary policy in August 2014 - Financial markets in September 2014 - Russia's real sector of the economy: factors and trends in August 2014 - The Russian industry in August 2014 - Russia's foreign trade in September 2014 - Russia's state budget in January-August 2014 - Russian banks in August 2014 - Living standards of the polulation in Russia in August 2014 - The real estate market in the Russian Federation in H1 2014 - Trends in Russia's oil and gas sector development - A review of taxation regulatory documents adopted in the period August-September 2014.

Download Russian Economic Developments - №10



The Financial Magazine 'JUS', 7 November 2014

In an interview in the Financial Magazine ‘JUS’ Liv Monica Stubholt, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Partner in Hjort says that it is unfortunate that the sanctions are introduced at the same time as the Norwegian oil industry is slowing down. She argues that the business sector is the one to carry the burden of the European sanctions made towards Russia in the long run and that the sanctions can have a serious ripple effect due to the insecurity they have caused. 

Read the interview with Liv Monica Stubholt (in Norwegian only)

In another interview in the same magazine, partners and lawyers in the NRCC member firm, Simonsen Vogt Wiig, discuss the juridical consequences of the conflict between Putin and the West. Simonsen Vogt Wiig says there is a large degree of insecurity among Norwegian business sector that are linked to Russia. However, because the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the handling of the sanctions, the Norwegian companies have avoided a lot of bureaucracy compared to Simonsen Vogt Wiig’s foreign clients, says lawyer Hege Hellström Henriksen.

Read the interview with lawyers in Simonsen Vogt Wiig (in Norwegian only)





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