Vladimir Putin calls Russia-Norway relations promising

VGTV talked to the Russain president Vladimir Putin after the closing ceremony of the World Chess Championship in Sochi, where Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen won. The President stated that a lot has already been done in developing the relations between Norway and Russia. “When Stoltenberg was Prime Minister we solved some of our problems concerning resources in northern waters. We have very good prospects when it comes to trade and development of our relations,” Putin said. “I hope that what we have achieved will not be lost, but that we will continue forward,” he added. æ

Read the full article and watch the news clip here (in Norwegian and Russian).





Russian Economic Developments - №10

10 2014-cover eng

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №10, 2014. In this issue: Political and economic results of September 2014 - Inflation and monetary policy in August 2014 - Financial markets in September 2014 - Russia's real sector of the economy: factors and trends in August 2014 - The Russian industry in August 2014 - Russia's foreign trade in September 2014 - Russia's state budget in January-August 2014 - Russian banks in August 2014 - Living standards of the polulation in Russia in August 2014 - The real estate market in the Russian Federation in H1 2014 - Trends in Russia's oil and gas sector development - A review of taxation regulatory documents adopted in the period August-September 2014.

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The Financial Magazine 'JUS', 7 November 2014

In an interview in the Financial Magazine ‘JUS’ Liv Monica Stubholt, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Partner in Hjort says that it is unfortunate that the sanctions are introduced at the same time as the Norwegian oil industry is slowing down. She argues that the business sector is the one to carry the burden of the European sanctions made towards Russia in the long run and that the sanctions can have a serious ripple effect due to the insecurity they have caused. 

Read the interview with Liv Monica Stubholt (in Norwegian only)

In another interview in the same magazine, partners and lawyers in the NRCC member firm, Simonsen Vogt Wiig, discuss the juridical consequences of the conflict between Putin and the West. Simonsen Vogt Wiig says there is a large degree of insecurity among Norwegian business sector that are linked to Russia. However, because the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the handling of the sanctions, the Norwegian companies have avoided a lot of bureaucracy compared to Simonsen Vogt Wiig’s foreign clients, says lawyer Hege Hellström Henriksen.

Read the interview with lawyers in Simonsen Vogt Wiig (in Norwegian only)




NRCC Networking Meeting in Oslo - 4 November 2014

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce has organized a networking meeting in Oslo at the premises of the partner organization Innovation Norway on November 4th. Present were some 50 representatives from Russian and Norwegian companies and organizations (Innovation Norway, GIEK, NHO, NUPI, INTSOK, Norwegian Seafood Federation and many others).

The program consisted of informative presentations on current issues in Norwegian-Russian business cooperation, recent developments on the Russian market, followed by fruitful discussions on various trade issues. Among the speakers were Ola S. Smeby, Senior Advisor IN Finnmark-Barents 2020 & ProRus and Johan Bjørkevoll, Investment Manager, IN Fund Management with the presentation "Innovation Norway: Equity investments and grants". The meeting continued with the presentation by Helge Blakkisrud, Head of the Department of Russian and Eurasian Studies, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI). He informed the audience about Russian regional elections in times of troubles: what can the recent elections tell us about current political trends in Russia? Next guest speaker, Trond Davidsen, Assisting Director of the Norwegian Seafood Federation, presented future outlooks for the Norwegian Seafood on the emerging markets. Finally, Kåre Karlstad, former chairman of Pomor Nordic Trade, also Honorary Member of NRCC, presented his new book “Cold war – warm people”. 

In conclusion, Managing Director of NRCC Jarle Forbord has informed participants of the meeting about forthcoming Norwegian-Russian Business Forum, which will take place in Moscow on 10-11 December. He also discussed Program Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as various activities and perspectives of NRCC for the nextcoming year. 

After the the networking meeting, Innovation Norway invited participants to refreshments and informal networking.


IMG 4309 Kopi

 One of the speakers - Ola S. Smeby, Senior Advisor IN Finnmark-Barents 2020 & ProRus 

Statement from the Board of Directors of NRCC


The NRCC objective is to promote trade between Norway and Russia. NRCC notes the restrictions on trade, which have been adopted between the two countries. Both countries recognize the benefits of trade relations and the restrictive measures are, according to the legislator in both countries, adopted due to foreign policy considerations. NRCC will continue to promote bilateral trade between our two countries.

NRCC is concerned about the current and long-term implications of the restrictive measures to individual members of NRCC. It is an important task for NRCC to communicate these implications to all relevant stakeholders including the authorities of both countries.

We have inter alia noted the disruptive effects to the Norwegian and Russian seafood industry and the harmful uncertainties with regard to the scope of the measures that continue to impact the Norwegian petroleum industry players doing business in Russia.

NRCC remains committed to the interests of our members. On their behalf, we encourage the authorities to intensify their efforts to identify political solutions to the present situation, with the objective of enabling the repeal of all restrictive measures. In this context, we emphasize this common obligation Norway and Russia share as neighboring countries, characterized by a long and close cooperation in the High North.


NRCC Networking Meeting in St. Petersburg -  October 7th 2014

IMG 2419

Some of the speakers at the network meeting, surrounded by organizers: From left: Jarle Forbord/NRCC, Heidi Olufsen/Norwegian Consulate General, Erik Gulbrandsen/Kværner, Ulrich Kreuzenbech/FIBA, Olga N. Agafonova/Orkla, Henrik Falck/Tschudi Shipping and Rune O. Methi/NRCC

Russian Economic Developments - №9


Rus Ec Dev eng 09 2014 forsideExperts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №9, 2014. In this issue: Political and economic results of August 2014 - Inflation and monetary policy in July 2014 - Financial markets in August 2014 - Russia's real sector of economy in H1 2014: facts and trends - Fixed investment in H1 2014 - Russia's foreign trade in June 2014 - Russia's state budget in h1 2014 - Russian banks in July 2014 - Russian grain market: records in 2013-2014 my and new season prospects - Mortgage lending in the Russian Federation in Q2 2014 - A review of changes in Russia's regulatory framework in August 2014 - An overview of normative documents on taxation issues for July-August 2014 - Economic growth factors in 2013 - H1 2014.

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