Russian Legal Alert "Import substitution of software for public needs" / Новости Российского Законодательства "Импортзамещение программного обеспечения для государственных нужд" 

The Government of the Russian Federation adopted Order No. 1236 (Order) on November 16 in order to launch the state’s import substitution policy, now regarding foreign software. The Order has implemented the rules for forming the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases. As a general rule, software (databases), which does not meet the requirements established by the law and is not in the Register, is not allowed to participate in public procurement procedures.

In particular, according to the Order, foreign software may be purchased for public needs if:

  • The Register has no record of software of the same kind as that required for public procurement.
  • The Register contains data on software of the same kind as that required for public procurement, but the technical characteristics of the software from the Registry do not correspond to the prescribed technical requirements.

Russian Economic Developments - №11 - 2015

11 2015 cover eng

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №11, 2015.

Core themes of the issue: The political and economic news of October 2015 - The Geography of crisis: economy, employment, income - Inflation and monetary policy in Russia in September 2015 - The balance of payments, Russia’s external debt and the exchange rate of the ruble: a fragile equilibrium - Global financial market turbulence: factors and risks - Russia’s financial markets in October 2015 - Russia’s State Budget in January–September 2015 - Russia’s banking sector in September 2015 - Banks: deterioration of assets quality and earnings reduction - The real sector of the Russian economy: factors and trends in January–September 2015 - Oil market amid low prices - Russian industry in September 2015 - Russia’s foreign trade in August 2015 - Foreign trade and production in 2015: change of geography - The agriculture and food: does import substitution take place? - The grain sector in a situation of new export duties, lower prices and high administrative barriers - Mortgage in the Russian Federation in September 2015 - Migration in Russia in January–July 2015 - The dynamic of consumption: a major cut in households’ spending - The stages and guidelines of restructuring of the system of trade mission of the Russian Federation - Economic sanctions and science in Russia - The review of Russian regulatory documents on taxation issues in September–October 2015 - The review of Russia’s economic legislation in October 2015.

Download Russian Economic Developments - №11 - 2015

Macro Russia: November recovery, or just more cold rain?
New issue of Macro Monthly by Macro-Advisory

The latest issue of Macro Monthly, produced by Macro-Advisory, offers analysis of the recent political and economical developments in Russia. Chris Weafer, founding partner of Macro-Advisory, was the invited speaker on the last NRCC Russia breakfast meeting in Oslo in October this year. November issue highlights the following key moments:

Russia gains in World Bank survey. In a rare piece of good news Russia’s ranking in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey improved to 51 from 64 previously. That was partly because of changes to the survey methodology (expanded) and also because of improvements by Russia in such areas as the cost and time to access electricity supply.
Small macro improvement in September. The macro indicators for September showed tentative improvements, and support the conviction that economic weakness bottomed in July-August. The expectation is that the fourth quarter data, which will start to appear this month, will show further improvement and support optimism for an end to the recession in mid-2016.
Next rate cut depends on inflation. The Central Bank, as expected, did not cut its key rate at the end-October policy meeting. The bank cited concern over the continued high rate of inflation and external threats, such as oil price uncertainty and the consequences of a slowing Chinese economy for global markets.

Norwegian-Russian Business Journal №2, 2015 (in English with Russian summaries)

Cover Business Journal 2 2015

The Norwegian-Russian Business Journal is the member journal for NRCC members, where subjects of relevance to the economic cooperation between Russia and Norway are discussed.  

The newest issue was published in September 2015 and contains articles about activities of NRCC and its member companies, recent developments and updates on Russian and Norwegian markets and news from Norwegian and Russian business communities.

Please download here Business Journal in pdf format.

Article in Stavanger Aftenblad: "The sanctions could hit back hard"

Gunnar Myhr, Managing Partner from International Energy Consortium AS, has written an article for Stavanger Aftenblad (05.11.2015 issue) where he discusses Norway's relations with Russia in High North region. Gunnar argues that Norway's support for sanctions against Russia puts vital future polar oil and gas resources at stake. It may seem as if Norway has ambitions to be diligent in the sanction class. "Are we about to make a historic mistake towards Russia?" - asks Gunnar in his article. 

"Norway will have to cooperate with Russia in the Barents Sea, where oil and gas fields located on both sides of the border. Then Government sanctions against President Putin unfortunate".

Read full article in Norwegian from Stavanger Aftenblad


Networking meeting in Oslo, 3 November 2015

On 3 November, the NRCC Networking Meeting took place in Oslo, in the facilities of NRCC member company Technip Norge AS in Lysaker.

About 55 participants took part in the meeting

IMG 4459

Igor Kopsov, region manager from Technip Norge AS, is presenting the subsea equipment models and samples to participants in the meeting

Russian Economic Developments - №10 - 2015

10 2015 cover eng

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №10, 2015.

Core themes of the issue: The political and economic events of September 2015 - The forecast of main macroeconomic indices - 2015-2016 - Inflation and monetary policy in August 2015 - Russia’s financial markets in August-September 2015 - Russia’s real sector of the economy in July-August 2015: factors and trends - Russia’s extracting sector in July-August 2015 - Russian industry in August 2015 - Russia’s Foreign Trade in July-August 2015 - Russia’s State Budget in January-August 2015 - Russia’s Regional Budgets in July-August 2015 - Russia’s Banking Sector in August 2015 - Living standards in Russia in August 2015 - Mortgage in the Russian Federation in H1 2015 - The review of meetings of the RF Government of the Russian Federation in September 2015 - The review of economic legislation - The review of regulatory documents on taxation issues in August-September 2015 - Change in Russian regulatory base of the budget process in August 2015 - Import substitution policy and the competitiveness of the Russian Economy.

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