Kick-off for Young Entrepreneurship Students in Murmansk, 22-24 September 2015

30 students from Norway and Russia have started their 6 months programme in international entrepreneurship focusing on business strategies. This year the business case is developed in close cooperation with Olen Betong Murmansk, and the CEO, Mr. Atle Berge is overlooking the very first introduction to the students.
Atle Berge, had to choose between participation at a reunion of his University Alumni or at this Matchmaking Entrepreneurs Program Young Engrepreneurs Norway-Russia. He underlined to the students why he never was in doubt what to prioritize:
“ It is crucial that young people like yourselves develop goods skills and develop future business to the benefit of fruitful international and bilateral business cooperation. I wanted to meet you all in person to give you this advice and message”.

Students are happy with the first day`s innovation workshop, guided by the Young Entrepreneurs Norway/Junior Achievement Russia. 

20150922 100551 

Mr. Morten Vikeby, Consul Economic Relations from the Consulate General of Norway in Murmansk, informed about Team Norway, its function, services and contribution to Norwegian Business in Murmansk.

 20150924 101955

Mrs. Irina Popova, Storvik & Co, informed about important elements in the commercialization process, new possibilities in bilateral trade and business development.

20150922 111441

CEO of Flait Group, Mr Ulrich Kreuzenbeck - a local organizer of events and business supporter normally lives up to the company’s motto: “ we fix it “. ( Ulrich - left on the picture and with two of Murmanskgroup students).

20150923 164253

Visit at production facilities of Ølen Betong Murmansk.

20150923 183017

Students visiting Atle Berge's office at Ølen Betong Murmansk.

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