Russian Economic Developments - №6 - 2015

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Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №6, 2015.

Core themes of the issue: The political and economic results of May 2015 - Russia’s inflation and monetary policy in April 2015 - Russian financial market in May 2015 - Russia’s state budget in January–April 2015 - Russian real sector of economy: factors and trends in April 2015 - Russian industry in April 2015 - Russian foreign trade in Q1 2015 - The living standards of the population of the Russian Federation - Mortgage in the Russian Federation in Q1 2015 - The review of meetings of the Government of the Russian Federation in May 2015 - The review of Russian economic legislation in May 2015 - The review of regulatory documents on taxation issues in April–May 2015 - Changes in the regulatory base of the budgetary process in May 2015 - Land reform in Dagestan: social and political risks - Inter-regional cross-subsidization in the Russian gas market: preserved inefficiency - New technology priorities: a reassessment of opportunities.

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