Russian Economic Developments - №5 - 2015

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Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №5, 2015.

In this issue: Inflation and monetary policy in March 2015 - Financial markets in April 2015 - The Russian banking sector in Q1 2015 - The State Budget in Q1 2015 - The real sector of the economy: factors and trends in March 2015 - The Russian industry in March 2015 - Domestic prices for motor gasoline. Is it permissible to increase them? - A review of trade in merchandise and services in 2014 - Russian foreign trade in February 2015 - On the strategy of sustainable development of rural areas of the Russian Federation for the period till 2030 - Privatization dynamics and the state of property relationships in 2014: key trends - A new Russian National Defence Control system: reform or imitation? - Review of the meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation in April 2015 - Review of economic legislation in March 2015 - A review of taxation regulatory documents adopted in March-April 2015 - Changes in the regulatory base of the budget process in April 2015 

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