Norwegian-Russian Matchmaking Program - Young Entrepreneurs (EPYE)

Program management would like to remind that deadlines for participation in the Norwegian-Russian Entrepreneurship program – Young Entrepreneurs for 2015-2016 are following:
20 May 2015 for participants from Russia
1 June 2015 for participants from Norway
To apply for participation in the Entrepreneurship Program – Young Entrepreneurs, Norway-Russia, is easy. Applications will be processed continuously. It is therefore recommended to apply as soon as possible, and not later than stated deadline. The program has a limited number of study places, and the admission of students is based on the received CV and a letter of motivation.

For more information regarding ongoing recruitment for the next training program in 2015-2016, please see brochures below:



Cover RUS

  Download brochure about the program in pdf (For Russian students) 







Cover NOR  Download brochure about the program in pdf (For Norwegian students)