Russian Economic Developments - №3 - 2015

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Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №3, 2015.

In this issue: Political and economic results of February 2015 - Inflation and monetary policy in January 2015 - The Russian banking sector in January 2015 - Financial markets in February 2015- Russia's state budget in January 2015 - Russia's real sector of the economy in January 2015: actors and trends - The russian industry in January 2015 - Russia's foreign trade in December 2014 - Housing mortgage in the Russian Federation in January 2015 - The living standards of the population of the Russian Federation in January 2015 - The review of the meetings of the Government of the Russian Federation in February 2015 - The review of Russia's economic legislation in February 2015 - An overview of normative documents on taxation issues for January February 2015 - Changes in the regulatory base of Russia's budgetary process in February 2015 - The competitive power of Russia's light industry value chains and development prospects - Input of economic growth factors into the value added index in the industrial sector in 2014. 

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