Norwegian-Russian Business Journal №2 (in English with Russian summaries)


The Norwegian-Russian Business Journal is the member journal for NRCC members. 
The second issue was published in January 2015 and contains articles about NRCCs organization and its recent activities: highlights from the IV Norwegian-Russian Business Forum, organized in Moscow on 10-11 December by the NRCC and CCI of Russia; one-day business trip to Kaluga; development and implementation of Norway-Russia Barents Region tourism project. Series of articles Look to Finland by editor Knut A. Mugaas examines lessons to be learned from the long and close economic cooperation between Finland and Russia. Among other topics are news from NRCC member companies, discussions about Norwegian-Russian business cooperation in the High North, interviews with VIPs, interview with Kåre Karlstad with the discussion of his new book Warm warrior in a cold period, and other subjects of relevance to the economic cooperation between Russia and Norway.
Please download here business journal in pdf format.