Russian Economic Developments - №11

11 2014eng-cover

Experts of Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy present a survey "Russian Economic Developments" №11, 2014. In this issue: Political and economic results of October 2014 - Inflation and monetary policy in September 2014 - Financial markets in October 2014 - Russia's real sector of the economy in September 2014: factors and trends - The Russian industry in September 2014 - The state budget in January-September 2014 - Russian banks within the first three Quarters of 2014 - Mortgage in the Russian Federation in January-August 2014 - The foreign trade in August 2014 - The consequences of the imposition of restrictions on pork imports in 2014 and the import substitution prospects for Russia's domestic pig farming sector- The impact of politically motivated trade sanctions on Russia's foreign trade sector - Forthcoming changes in Russia's strategic planning system - The difference in the behaviour of domestic and foreign private investors in the Russian stock market - Migration processes in the H1 of 2014 - A review of Russia's taxation regulatory documents adopted in the period of September-October 2014 - Review of economic legislation in October 2014 - Decomposition of Russia's GDP growth in 1999-2014.

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