Odd Gunnar Skagestad's new book "From Lenin to Putin"

Odd Gunnar Skagestad


"Fra Lenin til Putin" (subtitle "Russland 1917-2017: Hundre år som rystet verden") - ("From Lenin to Putin" - subtitle "Russia 1917-2017: Hundred Years that shook the World" - In Norwegian only)
Will be in sale from 8 October 2017 (publisher Frekk forlag). 
Hardcover, 176 (+) pages, price (from the publisher or in bookstores) NOK 329,- .
Special Discount Offer: NOK 269,- when ordering the book before 1 October by email to the publisher post(at)frekkforlag.no. The order should be marked "Tilbud fra Skagestad" ("Offer from Skagestad"), and the publisher will send the book with the invoice.
About the author:
Mr Odd Gunnar Skagestad – the author – is a NRCC member. He is a retired diplomat from the Norwegian Foreign Service. He has lived a total of 7 years in the former Soviet Union and today's Russia in various capacities, i.a. as the Norwegian Consul General to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, and as the Head (ambassador) of the OSCE Assistance Group to Chechnya.
The book does not purport to be a historical dissertation or a scientific political analysis. If, however the reader would like to read it as such, the author modestly suggests that the book may offer useful perspectives also in that respect.