Statement from the Board of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russia's unlawful invasion of Ukraine is a tragedy that strikes Ukraine hard and inflicts great suffering on the Ukrainian people. We strongly condemn the Russian Federation's war actions in Ukraine, and we strongly dissociate ourselves from the brutality that Russia is now displaying.

The aim of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is to work for the benefit of bilateral business cooperation. Increased bilateral trade contributes to building trust and cooperation between countries.

Russia's war actions make further development of bilateral business relations, investments and trade promotion impossible.

This could mean great and long-term damage to the opportunities for foreign investments and business cooperation with Russia, and both local economy and the employment and income of individual citizens will be severely affected.

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce will continue to offer support and guidance to our member companies, so that this crisis can be handled by each individual business or organisation in the best possible way, as well as continue to contribute to implementation of adopted sanctions according to the intention behind them. Until further notice, all other activities towards business promotion between Russia and Norway will be paused.

Although it is difficult to imagine today, NRCC hopes that in the long run, business cooperation with Russia can gradually return to normal. Nobody knows when that can happen, and today the Board of NRCC stands in solidarity with the human suffering caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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NRCC BoD has approved NRCC Activity plan and updated membership fees for 2022

During its last meeting in 2021, NRCC BoD has approved NRCC Activity plan and new membership fees for the upcoming year.

Download NRCC Activity Plan 2022.

The following NRCC membership fee categories are set by the BoD as from 01 January 2022. More about membership terms & fee categories.

Company turnover in 2021, NOK
Fee per year

More than 10 bln. 

NOK 91 500 

1 bln. - 10 bln.  NOK 63 800 
500 mill. - 1 bln. NOK 45 200
100 - 500 mill. NOK 25 500 
50 - 100 mill. NOK 22 000 
10 - 50 mill.
NOK 17 900 
Under 10 mill. 
NOK 8 300 
Organisations, etc
NOK 18 000 
Individual members
above 35 year of age
NOK 8 300 
Students, individual members
below 35 years of age &
NOK 1 350




High North Center at the Nord University invites to online workshops

Two online workshops for business representatives from SMEs and start-ups, entrepreneurs, preferably Barents region, but not limited to it, will be organized on 09 and 10 November 2021.

  • Why are Norwegian and Russian cultures so different? Implications for entrepreneurs. View PROGRAM

Date: 09 November 2021; time 10.00-12.30 CET / 12.00-14.30 GMT+3

  • Understanding Big Trends - a key to strategic positioning of your business. View PROGRAM.

Date: 10 November; time 10.00-12.30 CET / 12.00-14.30 GMT+3

Workshop programs include presentations from Russian and Norwegian experts, business cases, work in groups.

Language: English. Participation is free, but the number of participants is limited.

Both events are conducted on-line, as ZOOM events.



 High North Center Nord University

University of Oslo invites to Arctic Day 2021

2021 11 UiO arktiskdag21

The topic of the Arctic Day this year is The Arctic Ocean: Concerns & Consequences.

Date: 09 November 2021

Time: 11:30–16:30 CET

Place: the Science Library, Vilhelm Bjerknes


Moderators for the day will be Director Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle and Professor Ola Mestad.


11:30 Registration

12:00 Introduction to the day by Chair of UiO Arctic Committee and Director Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, Natural History Museum (UiO)

12:05 Welcome by Rector Professor Svein Stølen, UiO 

12:15 The Ocean Research Strategy of the University of Oslo in the Decade of Ocean Science by Professor Ola Mestad, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (NIFS)/UiO 

12:35 Physical Oceanography - A Scandinavian “Eventyr” by Professor Joe Lacasce, Department of Geosciences/UiO 

12:55 BREAK  Refreshments will be served 

13:40 Who may decide what? Arctic Jurisdictions, Competing Claims, and the Status of the Maritime Areas around Svalbard by Professor Geir Ulfstein, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (NIFS)/UiO 

14:00 Ecosystem-based governance in the Arctic by Researcher Froukje Maria Platjouw, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law (UiO) /Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

14:20 The good economy; cod, capital and the great transformation of the ocean by Professor Kristin Asdal, Centre for technology, innovation and culture (TIK)/UiO 

14:40 International collaboration on the geology of the Barents Sea and adjacent areas of the Arctic Ocean by Professor Jan Inge Faleide, Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED)/Department of Geosciences /UiO 

15:00 BREAK

15:20 Spatial shifts of marine stocks and the resilience of polar resource management by Professor Olav Schram Stokke, Department of Political Science/UiO 

15:40 A not so icy relationship: The Polar cod in the Barents Sea by Reseachers Sissel Jentoft and Joël Durant, Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES), Department of Biosciences 

16:00 Professor Olaf Holtedahl's expedition to Novaja Zemlja, Professor Hans Arne Nakrem, Natural History Museum/UiO 

16:20 Closing remarks by Moderator Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle 




Norsk-russisk handelskammers (NRCC) medlemmer uttrykker stor bekymring over konsekvensene av norske reiserestriksjoner for inn- og utreise til/fra Russland. Reglene er kompliserende og hemmer handelen. Dette er den senere tid dessuten blitt meget konkurransevridende ved at en del EU land ikke har de samme restriksjonene i samband med utøvelse av handel med Russland.

Norsk–russisk handelskammer mottar for tiden mange bekymringsmeldinger om problemstillingen fra ledende norske industribedrifter både innen energi, fiskeriutstyrs- og maritim sektor.

En gjeldende liste over 60 land, utarbeidet av russiske myndigheter, tillater personell fra disse land forenklet og problemfri innreise til Russland.

Norge er ikke med på listen. Eksempel på land med forenklet innreise til Russland er bla. Kina, India, US, Japan, UK, Frankrike, Italia, Tyskland, Spania, Finland og Island.

Flere av norske bedrifters konkurrenter innen særskilt maritim sektor har derved fått en forretningsfordel som våre medlemmer finner uforståelig ikke kan innrømmes nordmenn.

Som følge av at Norge ikke er kommet med på denne listen, forventer enkelte av de norske foretakene å tape betydelige kontrakter på flere titalls millioner.

I et skriv til norske myndigheter sist uke har NRCC skriftlig formidlet foretakenes og foreningens bekymringer og ber norske myndigheter bidra til at norsk industri kommer på samme liste som øvrige 60 land slik at vi kan operere i Russland på ellers like vilkår som blant annet flere EU land, uttaler styreleder Hans Chr Dall Nygaard og daglig leder Hans-Olav Rekdal i Norsk–Russisk Handelskammer.


For mer informasjon:
Hans Christian Dall Nygård, Styreleder i NRCC, mob.: +47 90 57 67 43
Hans-Olav Rekdal, Daglig Leder i NRCC, mob.: +47 95 14 82 92

English translation


Members of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) express great concern about the consequences of Norwegian travel restrictions for travelling to/from Russia. In recent times, this has also affected industry’s competitiveness as some of EU-countries do not have the same restrictions on entry which negatively effect trade with Russia.

Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is currently receiving many reports of concern about this issue including from some of the leading Norwegian companies within energy and maritime sectors and from producers of equipment for fisheries.

A list of 60 countries, issued by the Russian authorities, allows personnel from these countries a simplified and trouble-free entry into Russia.

Norway is not included on this list. Examples of countries with simplified entry into Russia are China, India, USA, Japan, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland and Iceland among others.

Several of Norwegian companies' competitors especially within maritime sector have thus gained a business advantage, and NRCC members find it difficult to understand, why the same can’t be granted to Norwegian companies.

As a result of Norway not being included on this list, some of the Norwegian companies expect to lose significant contracts worth tens of millions Norwegian krones.

‘In a letter to the Norwegian authorities last week, the NRCC conveyed members’ concerns and asked the Norwegian authorities to contribute to the efforts aimed to include Norwegian industry on the same list as the other 60 countries, so that we can operate in Russia on otherwise equal terms’, say Chairman of the NRCC BoD Hans Chr. Dall Nygaard and Managing Director of NRCC Hans-Olav Rekdal.
For more information:
Hans Christian Dall Nygård, Chairman of the NRCC BoD, cell: +47 90 57 67 43
Hans-Olav Rekdal, Managing Director of NRCC, cell: +47 95 14 82 92



NRCC member Nord University Business School offers a Master's Program in Global Management. This program provides students with a golden opportunity to gain international experience through regular student exchange through Nord's forward-looking collaboration with MGIMO in Moscow and ECNU in Shanghai. Download this flyer for more information in Norwegian and admission requirements. Application deadline for applicants with Norwegian Education is 15 April.

2021 03 22 Nord University


Oddgeir Danielsen16.02.2021
Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) is opening an office in Kirkenes (Norway) and announces that Oddgeir Danielsen is appointed as the Regional Director for NRCC North.
- We have had a good process, with several qualified candidates. We are very pleased that Oddgeir wants to lead Chamber's activities in the North and implement the central task of strengthening bilateral business cooperation with Russia and also further developing the Chamber's presence in Northern Norway and Northern areas in Russia, says Jarle Forbord, Managing Director of the Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.
Oddgeir Danielsen comes from the position of Director of Secretariat of the Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics in Helsinki. He has previous work experience from private business and public administration in Northern Norway with direct relevance to the tasks and qualifications that are central in his new role as Regional Director for NRCC North, says Forbord.
Danielsen has previously served as CEO of ECDL, Port Director of the Port of Kirkenes, Offshore Design Engineer in Dr. Techn Olav Olsen and Deputy Director in Nor-Cargo Kirkenes. He has several years of experience as a consultant in business development in the Norwegian Barents Secretariat and in Troms County Municipality. Danielsen holds a MSc in Civil Engineering from Luleå and was born, raised and lives in Kirkenes.
- I look forward to taking on the tasks, says Danielsen. In tough times and when one must work under trade restrictions, the challenges are many, but both the NRCC and I look forward to an increased focus on business between Norway and the Northern regions of Russia in the years to come.
Oddgeir Danielsen will start in his new position as Regional Director NRCC North on 1 May 2021.

(Read press release in Norwegian and Russian)



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