Networking Arena – St. Petersburg

Networking meeting in St. Petersburg, 19 May 2015

On 19 May, the NRCC Networking Meeting took place in St. Petersburg, in the facilities of NRCC member company Hotel Radisson Royal.

About 55 participants took part in the meeting

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Russian and Norwegian NRCC member companies and organizations participated in the meeting, as well as as officials from both countries

The meeting was opened by welcome speech from Mr. Jørn Tverseth, NRCC Project Manager and moderator of the meeting.

The first speaker, Mr. Lars Sundquist, Managing Director of Northern Productions AS, informed the audience about the current research and development activities in the field of fisheries. He also discussed the perspectives for the Russian seafood market. 


The second speaker, Mr. Roman Gordienok, Foreign Trade Manager from the company Importo, presented St. Petersburg and Leningrad region as gateway for external trade to the Russian Federation.  

Next presentation was given by Mr. Evgeniy Korobkov, Representative in Russia of the Norwegian company HERNIS Scan Systems AS. Mr. Korobkov has informed meeting participants about opportunities on the Russian market for maritime CCTV surveillance systems in rough waters.

Ms. Olga Philippenko, Director of Tourism at Moscow office of Innovation Norway, has updated the audience on recent market activities and trends of Russian tourism to Norway. 

Next, Ms. Polina Kuzmenko, Head of International Sales Department at the new NRCC member company St. Peter Line, gave an overview of the company activities and discussed cruise as an element for a strengthened Russian tourism development. 

Another new NRCC member, FIRST St. Petersburg Energy Service Company, was presented by Mr. Nikolai Pitirimov, member of the Council. 

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Dmitry Bystrov, Regional Director at International Cooperation Department of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation in Moscow, has discussed Russian perspectives for increased bilateral trade. 

In conclusion, Mr. Jørn Tverseth, Project Manager of the NRCC, presented the Chamber's recent and future activities and on-going programs and projects. After the final questions and discussions of the topics presented during the meeting, Mr. Tverseth has invited participants to the networking session with refreshments.

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Mr. Jørn Tverseth, NRCC Project Manager and moderator of the networking meeting in St. Petersburg


Mr. Lars Sundquist, Managing director, Northern Productions AS                                                                                         

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Mr. Roman Gordienok, Foreign Trade Manager, Importo

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Mr. Evgeniy Korobkov, Representative in Russia, HERNIS Scan Systems AS       

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Ms. Olga Philippenko, Director of Tourism, Innovation Norway, Moscow                                                        

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Ms. Polina Kuzmenko, Head of International Sales Department, St. Peter Line

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 Mr. Nikolai Pitirimov, Head of Representation in Russia, FIRST St. Petersburg Energy Service Company

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Mr. Dmitry Bystrov, Regional Director, International Cooperation Department of CCI of the Russian Federation

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Mr. Jørn Tverseth, Project Manager, NRCC 



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