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Establishing personal business contacts and exchanging experiences play a very important role in Norwegian-Russian business relations. This is why the NRCC Networking Meetings are one of the core activities. Such meetings are highly appreciated according to a survey carried out among NRCC members. IMG 7369 

The NRCC arranges monthly networking meetings in Oslo for its members. Meetings are dedicated to specific topics or selected sectors, and most of meetings cover issues which are relevant for everyone. During refreshment sessions members have a chance to establish new and refresh old business contacts, communicate directly with invited guests  other members. The NRCC administration assists newcomers in establishing new contacts within the networking session. As long as the NRCC does not have a permanent meeting place, meetings are held at NRCC members facilities.

Since 2008, NRCC is organising networking meetings in St. Petersburg on a regular basis. Since 2009, networking meetings are organised in Murmansk as well. 

IMG 3516In 2017, the NRCC signed a new three-year Program Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway with the aim of strengthening business relations between Norway and Russia, and the Ministry is financing networking meetings both in St. Petersburg and Murmansk. 



The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. More...


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