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Every year the NRCC offers its members a wide range of activities including regular networking meetings, courses, seminars, social events, study tours etc. Registration for all events is necessary. In order to register for the events, please use the on-line registration link.

Some of these activities, such as courses and seminars, are also open for non-members, however, registration is always necessary.

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Upcoming NRCC events

27 September 2022 - NRCC Extraordinary General Assembly (More details to come).

Please see activity plan for all events in 2022.


NRCC Webcasts (Login is required)

Doing Business in Russia Today - Sharing Experiences by NRCC members:

  1. Kjartan Karlsen and Mats Nygaard Johnsen, NSK Ship Design (in English)
  2. Inge Bertil Straume, Skipsteknisk. (in English)
  3. Torstein Myklebostad, Rottefella. (in English)
  4. Yngvar Bratsberg, Kverneland Group. (in English)
  5. Rolf Fiskerstrand, CEO of Fiskerstrand Holding and Sergej Danilow, Sales Director Export, Nordic Emballasje. (in English)
  6. Knut Molnes and Jan Kjærstad, Seaonics, and Rune Arnøy, Port of Narvik. (in English)
  7. Halfdan Millang, CEO, RN Nordic Oil and Jon Edvard Sundnes, CEO, Tschudi Shipping Company. (in English)


"Today in Solovki, tomorrow all over Russia!" NRCC web meeting with Anastasia Gorter (in English)

"Pomor history and identity". NRCC web meeting with Anastasia Gorter (in English)

"Russian Artists 1880-1910". NRCC web meeting with Kari Brandtzaeg (in English)

"Russia – "a new America?" Norwegian investments in Russia in 1880's-1930's" with Viktor Roddvik

"Arctic 2035". NRCC web meeting with Andrey Krivorotov (in English)

NRCC web meeting with Lars Georg Fordal, Head of the Norwegian Barents Secretariat (in English)

"Russland er et annet sted" Part 2. NRCC webmøte med Peter Normann Waage (in Norwegian)

"Russland er et annet sted" Part 1. NRCC webmøte med Peter Normann Waage (in Norwegian)

NRCC Digital Networking Event 02 September 2020. Part 2 (in English)

NRCC Digital Networking Event 02 September 2020. Part 1 (in English)

"Fyodor Dostoevsky and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn" med Irina Roddvik (in Norwegian)

"Aleksandr Pusjkin: Boldino-høsten" med Irina Roddvik (in Norwegian)

"Eurasian Economic Commission: status, priorities and prospects for international cooperation" with Gohar Barseghyan, EEC (in English)

"National projects in Russia: New realities and new priorities" with Elena Gaiazova, ASI (in Norwegian)

"Russisk Arktis. Del 2" med Knut A. Mugaas (in Norwegian)

"Russisk Arktis. Del 1" med Knut A. Mugaas (in Norwegian)

NRCC web meeting with Dmitry Bystrov, CCI of Russia (in English)

"På tsarens vannveier". NRCC webmøte med Odd Gunnar Skagestad (in Norwegian)

"Norge–Russland, noen navn vi husker". NRCC webmøte med Knut Mugaas (in Norwegian)

"Norwegian Partisan movement during the WW II". NRCC Web meeting with Morten Jentoft (in English)














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