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Liv Monica Stubholt Selmer 123 123Chair of the Board Liv Monica Stubholt, Law Firm Selmer, representing KvaernerStaale Torgersbraaten 123 123Member of the Board Ståle Torgersbråten, GIEKFrode Mo bl wh 123 123Member of the Board Frode Mo, Innovation Norway Russiaolsen 123 123Member of the Board Svein Aage Dahl Olsen, Statoil ASAHalfdan Millang 123 123Member of the Board Halfdan Millang, RN Nordic Oil ASIgor Kopsov 123 123Member of the Board Igor Kopsov, Technip NorwayKatarina Saetersdal mainMember of the Board Katarina Saetersdal, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, NHORolf Fiskerstrand 123 123Member of the Board Rolf Fiskerstrand, Fiskerstrand Holding ASHerlandMember of the Board Christian Nerland, Multiconsult  ASGeir hvit sort 123 123
Member of the Board Geir Torbjørnsen, Barel AS
Per Horn 123 123Member of the Board Per Horn, MulticonsultTschudixMember of the Board Felix H. Tschudi, Tschudi Shipping CompanysurguchevMember of the Board Leonid M. Surguchev, LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS

Mrs. Liv Monica Stubholt

Partner, Law Firm Selmer, representing Kvaerner ASA

Liv Monica Stubholt Selmer 190 260Liv Monica Stubholt has a 25 year track record with M&A, negotiations and restructuring as counsel and as executive manager in the oil and gas industry. 

Since 2009, Ms Stubholt held the positions of Investment Director in Aker ASA, CEO & President of Aker Seafoods ASA and CEO of Aker Clean Carbon AS, in April 2012 she joined the petroleum industry contractor company Kvaerner. Her tasks included supporting business development for the Arctic region and particularly with regard to opportunities in Russia. Ms Stubholt served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (2005-2007) and Deputy Minister of Petroleum and Energy (2007-2009) in Norway. In both ministries she was assigned responsibility for issues pertaining to the Russian Federation.

She worked actively to promote and strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries; particularly with regard to commercial development.

Ms Stubholt is a law graduate from the University of Oslo and has practiced as a lawyer, partner and advisor in the first part of her career up till 2005. In the legal profession she has been engaged in European law studies, including as co-chair of the EEA Review Committee “Europautredningen” which recently submitted a detailed study of the impact of Norway’s treaties with the European Union.

Her board experience includes power transmission provider Statnett SF (2002-2005), global aluminium producer Norsk Hydro (2010 - ) and gas pipe-line infrastructure company Solveig Gas Norway AS (2014 -). She is a member of Innovation Norway’s strategic council for IN’s activities abroad. She is on the advisory board of Frithjof Nansen Institute with its strong academic track record on Russian studies. She recently headed the government appointed strategy group Hav21; tasked to identify priorities in ocean related R&D.

Mr. Frode Mo

Country Director, Innovation Norway Russia

Frode Mo 190 260

Frode Mo is since 2015 Innovation Norway's country director for Russia, based in Moscow as Trade counsellor at the Royal Norwegian embassy. His main experience is from the transport and engineering sectors, having worked for more than 20 years in civil aviation and 10 years with railways and related issues. He has worked for both small and large private companies and in the public sector.

Frode came to Innovation Norway from Ramboll Middle East in Qatar, where he was project director for Ramboll's design verification engineer team related to the Green line metro project in Doha.

He learned Russian in the early 1980s, and has visited the former Soviet Union and Russia regularly since then. Mr Mo holds an MSc degree in computer science from the University of Oslo, as well as an MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Bergen.


Mr. Svein Aage Dahl Olsen

Head of Government Relations & Public Affairs, Statoil Russia

olsen 190 260Mr. Olsen has for more than 12 years lived and worked in CIS. Prior to joining Statoil, he has served as CFO in Telenor subsidiaries in Ukraine and in Russia, and he has been the CFO of large Russian retailers. He has extensive consulting experience, starting his career in McKinsey as well as supporting the Russian business activities of companies with high Norwegian ownership interests.

Mr. Olsen holds a M.Sc. from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Mr. Ståle Torgersbråten

Lawyer in GIEK (The Norwegian Export Credit Agency)
Staale Torgersbraaten 190 260

Prior to joining GIEK in 2010, Mr. Torgersbråten worked as a corporate lawyer in the law firm Wikborg, Rein & Co and the law firm Selmer DA. He has extensive experience with doing business in Russia, both as a lawyer serving clients in the Russian market, and during the last four years working to facilitate for Norwegian exports and investments to Russia.

Mr. Torgersbråten holds a cand.jur degree from the University of Oslo, and has also studied negotiations and economy at the Norwegian Business School (BI).  


The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. More...


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