event60x80The Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization established by Norwegian and Russian business circles. The NRCC was established on the 20th of October 2003, with a constituting meeting taking place at the premises of Telenor ASA at Fornebu Oslo. The founders of the NRCC are Russian and Norwegian companies, hereunder leading Norwegian investors in Russia. The working language of the Chamber is English, which is used both for official correspondance and networking meetings.


The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. In addition, the Chamber aims to enhance the understanding of each others' business culture, market developments and other socio-economic developments of importance.


As of today, the Chamber has 140 members representing various sectors. It is a pleasure for us to see a growing interest from Russian companies joining the Chamber. A list of the NRCC Members can be found under "Members". The expanded list is only available for the NRCC Members.


Both the NRCC Board and NRCC Administration consist of people with vast experience from Norwegian-Russian trade relations. More information can be found under "Anout NRCC Employees", "About NRCC Board" and "About NRCC Council".


The Chamber presently offers regular networking events, newsletters, seminars, courses, business delegations, as well as social, cultural and various ad-hoc arrangements. More information can be found under "Events".

Nils-Edvard Olsen

Nils-Edvard-OlsenMr. Nils-Edvard Olsen (NEO) was deputy mayor from 1980 – 1982 and mayor from 1982-1990 in the Municipality of South-Varanger in the Norwegian High North. He got the tough challenge of restructuring a one-sided industrial location in urgent need of transformation and realization of alternative working places.
Throughout the 1980ies NEO laboriously promoted the municipality with the aim of attracting attention from regional and central authorities about the various needs of the population in the bordering municipality. An investment company, South - Varanger Investments, was soon established with an aim of developing alternative businesses.
Nils-Edvard Olsen used every opportunity at oil-conferences, both in Norway and in the Soviet Union, to underline the importance of the need for getting started with oil and gas activity in the Barents sea, - and naturally for a mayor of South Varanger , promoting his municipality as the gateway to the Barents Sea and the Soviet market. During his mayoral period, several companies were established having the USSR as market as f.instance Kimek, Barents Company, Grenseland and similar.
Olsen was awarded honorary membership in the NRCC in December 2009.

Kaare Karlstad

Kaare KarlstadIn the second half of the 1970s, the Norwegian-Finnish Company Pomor Nordic Trade was established by director Kaare Karlstad. He started an import of wooden materials, frozen capelin, berries and other products from the North-Western district of the Soviet Union to Norway.
In 1982-1983, Karlstad was allowed by the two Border Commissioners to initiate pilot trade crossings across the common border. He established a pallet production factory, Pomor Industries, in Kirkenes based on imported pre-cut materials across the border from the Soviet Union, and a transport company transporting the materials to the factory. A coastal liner was owned by Karlstad sailing cargo from Murmansk to Northern Norway. Karlstad was soon nick-named “Pomor Karlstad” as his initiative indeed was a revival of the old Pomor Trade between the two regions Iin the Russian High North.
Director Kaare Karlstad was a pioneer in a time with serious challenges hardly understood today, including instance centralized foreign trade monopolies, the Cold War and a solid Iron Curtain. His initiatives were in many ways the starting signals for the later Barents regional cooperation.
Karlstad was awarded honorary membership of the NRCC in December 2009.

Oeyvind Nordsletten

Ambassador-NordslettenAmbassador Nordsletten has for more than 40 years worked in various official positions with issues in relation to the Soviet union and the Russian Federation. Nordsletten started his service for the Ministry of Foreign affairs in 1974 and at served at the Norwegian Embassy in Moscow from 1979 to 1982 as a diplomat of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
From 1992 to 1996 he served as Norway’s Ambassador to Ukraine.
From 1997 to 2000 he was Director General at the office of the Prime Minister of Norway.
From 2000 to 2008, Nordsletten served as Norway’s ambassador to Russia in Moscow, from 2008 to 2010  as Norway’s ambassador to Ireland, and from 2010 to 2013 as Norway`s Consul general in Murmansk. Since 2013 he holds a position in the MFA of Norway in Oslo.
Nordsletten was awarded honorary membership of the NRCC in December 2008.

Leonid Reiman

reimanReiman has held several top positions in Russian telecom companies and ministerial positions in several Russian governments. Hereunder, he was a Minister of Telecommunications in the period of 2004-2008.
For his contribution to improving Norwegian-Russian relations, in May 2007 he was awarded honorary membership in the NRCC. The ceremony took part during a regular session of the Norwegian-Russian Joint Commission in Oslo, Norway.

The NRCC Outstanding Contribution Award 2012

award-henriksenMr Benedikt Henriksen, a former NRCC Board Member and a former Head of Governmental Relations of Statoil Russia, was awarded for his contribution to development of the NRCC.

The NRCC Outstanding Contribution Award 2012

award-mugaasMr Knut Mugaas, a former Consul Commercial Affairs of Norway in Murmansk, was awarded for all good cooperation and support of the NRCC during his years of service.

The NRCC Outstanding Contribution Award 2011

award-handelsrep Mrs Tamara Chernysheva, the Head of Russian Trade Mission in Norway, was awarded for all the good cooperation and support of the NRCC during all these years.


The aim of the NRCC is to stimulate and improve business relations between Norwegian and Russian companies regarding import, export, shipping, business development, tourism or investment activities. More...


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